Deiseb a wrthodwyd Improve the living conditions of the inmates in HMP Berwyn Wrexham during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the pandemic began the prisoners of HMP Berwyn have and still are enduring hellish conditions as their human rights are being deliberately ignored and violated for almost 12 months. The conditions that these prisoners must endure are being locked in their cells for 23.5 hours a day, even 24 hours a day which violates the contract that states that 'Prisoners are afforded a minimum of 30 minutes in the open air daily'

Rhagor o fanylion

These prisoners go hours even days without any access to exercise. Anyone during this pandemic could understand how deteriorating and horrible it could be to be locked up inside and unable to have any fresh air.
There are even days where they are not fed due to mass number of staff being absent with Covid-19 or are isolating. Not only that but dentist and health care are unable to provide the prisoners with any care with no explanation as to why.
Majority of people’s mental health have been seriously affected which has led to an increase of self-harm and suicide attempts, it is a daily occurrence due to the negligence and not receiving any help or improvement on the conditions of living during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the overcrowded prison, COVID-19 sweeps through at a rapid rate, there must be a safer and more fair way to live day by day during this pandemic. And as the death rate rises the time to act is now.

Pam gwrthodwyd y ddeiseb hon?

Mae’n ymwneud â rhywbeth nad yw’r Senedd na Llywodraeth Cymru yn gyfrifol amdano.

Mae’n rhaid i ddeisebau i’r Senedd alw am gamau gweithredu penodol sy’n dod o fewn pwerau’r Senedd neu Lywodraeth Cymru.

Gwasanaeth Carchardai Ei Mawrhydi sy’n gyfrifol am reoli carchardai yng Nghymru a Lloegr. Mae’n atebol i Weinyddiaeth Gyfiawnder Llywodraeth y DU.

O ganlyniad, nid yw’n bosibl i’r Senedd gymryd y camau y mae eich deiseb yn galw amdanynt.

Mae’n bosibl y byddwch am gyflwyno deiseb i Senedd y DU, a gallwch wneud hynny drwy ddilyn y linc a ganlyn:

Dim ond deisebau nad ydynt yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau y byddwn yn eu gwrthod

Mae deisebau a wrthodwyd yn cael eu cyhoeddi yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi