Deiseb a wrthodwyd Abolish the compulsory advanced welsh baccalaureate

At A-Level, We are calling on the Welsh Government to make the Welsh Bac optional.

Advanced Welsh Bac, it is largely the same as the Welsh Bac at GCSE level, but with higher word counts. Are we actually acquiring a new wide skill set by having to study the Welsh Bac alongside any A-Levels we want to take? At KS4, we have already benefited from developing abilities that are at the forefront of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Rhagor o fanylion

If Welsh Bac was made optional for people studying for A-Levels, A-Level grades might increase. We could have more time to focus on the areas we want to study rather than wasting our time underperforming in subjects we don't care about. We are considered mature enough to vote at the age of 16. As a result, by the age of 16, we must definitely be mature enough to evaluate whether or not we would benefit from completing the Welsh Bac.

Forcing students to study the Welsh Bac alongside their selected A-Levels breeds apathy toward the subject, as well as irritating students and teachers.

Welsh Bac is, however, a significant burden for many, particularly those studying more than three A-Levels. It means we're going for number rather than quality for individuals applying to some of the top universities, who don't even accept the qualification. If Welsh students are to compete with the greatest students in the world, we must obviously focus on quality as well.

Pam gwrthodwyd y ddeiseb hon?

Mae deiseb yn bodoli eisoes ar y mater hwn. Ni allwn dderbyn deiseb newydd os oes un yn bodoli eisoes ar fater tebyg iawn, neu os yw’r Pwyllgor Deisebau wedi ystyried deiseb debyg yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiwethaf.

Dim ond deisebau nad ydynt yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau y byddwn yn eu gwrthod

Mae deisebau a wrthodwyd yn cael eu cyhoeddi yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi