Deiseb a wrthodwyd Scrap the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for 5-11 Year Olds.

To date, the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme has recorded 2075 deaths and a staggering 1,475,298 adverse events attributed to the COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, I personally know people that have had to record heart attack, stroke, tinnitus, vertigo, blindness and even death on this scheme.
Even if 10% of these were true, the number would still be significantly greater than the number of children that have died or are likely to become seriously unwell with the disease itself.

Rhagor o fanylion

The JCVI advises that this is a non-urgent offer for 5-11 year olds. Why would they offer something that has Emergency Use Authorisation for a cohort that are not and have never been experiencing an emergency? The risks, short and long term, far outweigh the benefits.
According to the Office for National Statistics, there were a total of 43 registered deaths of children aged 0-14 in the years 2020 through 2021 inclusive for England and Wales combined where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate. This simply does not warrant vaccinating this entire age group, particularly as all restrictions have been lifted. They are at even less of a risk now than March 2020. Pfizer have also stated in their research that they have observed a higher risk of myo/pericarditis in the youngest vaccinated age group so far, 12-17 year olds which is very worrying. Especially as Pfizer have been forced to release 5.3.6 CUMULATIVE ANALYSIS OF POST-AUTHORIZATION ADVERSE EVENT REPORTS OF PF-07302048.

Pam gwrthodwyd y ddeiseb hon?

Mae deiseb yn bodoli eisoes ar y mater hwn. Ni allwn dderbyn deiseb newydd os oes un yn bodoli eisoes ar fater tebyg iawn, neu os yw’r Pwyllgor Deisebau wedi ystyried deiseb debyg yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiwethaf.

Bydd y Pwyllgor Deisebau'n ystyried deiseb ar a mater hwn cyn bo hir:
Galw ar Lywodraeth Cymru i beidio brechu plant 12 oed ac iau yn erbyn COVID-19

Gellir gweld manylion ystyriaethau'r Pwyllgor ar y mater yma ar y tudalenau hyn os hoffech ddilyn trywydd y ddesieb.

Dim ond deisebau nad ydynt yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau y byddwn yn eu gwrthod

Mae deisebau a wrthodwyd yn cael eu cyhoeddi yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi