Deiseb a wrthodwyd Stop the 'reform' of Council Tax Banding as many overstretched households will have to pay even more

Finance minister Rebecca Evans has commissioned the independent Valuation Office Agency - at what significant cost we do not know - to revalue ALL of Wales' homes. After this the government estimates it is likely to charge at least 25% of Welsh households more by putting them in a higher band. Some will pay less - its just luck of the draw...

Rhagor o fanylion

Council tax is a particularly high and increasing burden for us all (Conwy council putting it up by an enormous 8.9% in March 2023 for eg). However, people currently know where they stand, made buying decisions accordingly and so can budget. To increase the Council Tax on a retired householder as their house has 'gone up in value' over the years is extremely punitive and unfair. These are people’s homes not a liquid tangible asset to be levered and milked to help fill the council coffers – especially given current huge inflation, sky high mortgage rates and energy costs.

Some may benefit from a reduction but an unfair unexpected new burden on others makes that inequitable. There is also the likelihood of increasing the Council Tax if you have invested in any costly home improvements and were not expecting to be penalised for that, monthly, forever.

Taxation on any increase in house value is addressed at the point of sale (LTT) or inheritance when those funds become available, so cancel this huge costly project as its all just bad enough on us all as is. Stop it.

Pam gwrthodwyd y ddeiseb hon?

Mae deiseb yn bodoli eisoes ar y mater hwn. Ni allwn dderbyn deiseb newydd os oes un yn bodoli eisoes ar fater tebyg iawn, neu os yw’r Pwyllgor Deisebau wedi ystyried deiseb debyg yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiwethaf.

Mae deiseb arall sy'n galw am yr un peth wedi ei chyfeirio at y Pwyllgor Deisebau. Bydd y Pwyllgor yn ystyried y ddeiseb ar 15 Mai 2023.

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