Deiseb a wrthodwyd Cancel all GCSE, BTEC and A-level Exams for 2021 - Use teacher assessed grades to determine results.

Last year was one of the biggest obstacles we could ever face. It has affected all sorts of aspects of life especially my future; the future of students. We have missed too much as a result of this pandemic, don't starve us of the grades we rightfully deserve.
Online learning has proven difficult as not everyone has access to devices or even a stable internet connection.
We should not have to learn this way.
By these assessments going ahead you are putting so many of us at a disadvantage.

Rhagor o fanylion

Not only is our future being jeopardised but, our mental health too. We have overcome so much this past year and have worked to the best of our abilities despite the circumstances, yet the odds have stacked against us.
We shouldn't miss out on opportunities due to events completely out of our control, missing out on things we might have achieved.
Online learning barely scratches the surface of the education we should be receiving. Why are we putting even more stress on our students and teachers?
This unfair. Covid is unfair. Don't take it out on us.

Pam gwrthodwyd y ddeiseb hon?

Mae deiseb yn bodoli eisoes ar y mater hwn. Ni allwn dderbyn deiseb newydd os oes un yn bodoli eisoes ar fater tebyg iawn, neu os yw’r Pwyllgor Deisebau wedi ystyried deiseb debyg yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiwethaf.

Mae deisebau eraill sy'n galw am hyn eisoes yn casglu llofnodion:

Canslo 'asesiadau' allanol ar gyfer cymwysterau Uwch Gyfrannol a Safon Uwch yn 2021 a defnyddio graddau a aseswyd gan athrawon yn unig

Canslo asesiadau allanol ar ffurf arholiadau ar gyfer TGAU yn 2021 ac ymddiried yn ein hathrawon

Dim ond deisebau nad ydynt yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau y byddwn yn eu gwrthod

Mae deisebau a wrthodwyd yn cael eu cyhoeddi yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi