Deiseb a wrthodwyd Lift all Maternity birthing partner visiting/staying over restrictions.

With Wales opening up the majority of its public services ie. Pubs, Restaurants, Arenas, Sporting Events, G7 summits including a fancy BBQ or 2 (due to scientific advice and hospital admissions falling with numerous days recorded with 0 deaths) it is about time that all Maternity restrictions in hospitals were lifted for birthing partners/visitors.

Rhagor o fanylion

Currently, birthing partners are allowed to stay for the duration of the labour and upto 2 hours after. If the mother has to stay in hospital overnight, the birthing partner is NOT allowed to stay with mum & baby and must only visit for 2 hours the following day.
This is a HUGE insult to fathers who have already missed out on numerous growth scans and appointments, ultimately ruining this joyous time for them.
After a woman has given birth she can be at her most vulnerable and history has proven that birthing partners who stay have provided excellent support to mum and baby, this allows Midwives to attend to other patients with real medical emergencies.
Prohibiting the partners from staying is not only putting further stress on the mother at her weakest but can affect the father's bond with their baby.
Ordinarily these measures would be understandable if Wales was still in lockdown but we are not!
Is this due to it not being a direct return of investment?
Enough is enough!

Pam gwrthodwyd y ddeiseb hon?

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