Rhestrau eraill o ddeisebau

Deisebau a wrthodwyd

Nid oedd y deisebau hyn yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau. Fe’u cyhoeddir yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi.

Gallwch weld deisebau a wrthodwyd cyn mis Mai 2020 yma.

131 deiseb

  1. Mark Drakeford to provide scientific Evidence to support Restrictions and Covid passports

  2. Make the teaching of LGBTQ relationships and sexual health mandatory in sexual education classes.

  3. Connect North and South with a railway\carriageway

  4. Abolish social distancing restrictions

  5. Keep cervical screening to 3 years and not extended to 5 years.

  6. Cervical screening should stay at every 3 years and not changed to 5 years.

  7. Keep cervical screening to 3 years and not extended to 5 years

  8. Keep cervical screening to 3 years and not extended to 5 years for women aged 25-49.

  9. Stop the gap between cervical screening tests being increased from three years to five.

  10. To Regulate all animal rescue centres in wales

  11. Immediately cancel all new Level 2 restrictions due to be imposed on 26th December 2021

  12. Reverse the decision to play sporting events behind closed doors from the 27th of December

  13. Call-In: Application 21/01359/MJR, Land at the former recycling centre Waungron Road, Llandaff.

  14. Table a Vote of No Confidence in First Minister Mark Drakefords Covid Rules

  15. compulsory wearing of high visibility clothing by all cyclist on all roads in Wales.

  16. Cefnogwch Glwb Rygbi Caerdydd i gael staff a chwaraewyr adref i Gymru o Dde Affrica cyn gynted â phosibl

  17. Allow primary schools in Wales to invite parents into schools to attend their Christmas concerts.

  18. Free electricity to all residents within a 2 mile radius (as the crow flies) of Wind Turbines

  19. The Welsh Government must object to The Nationality and Borders Bill

  20. Abolish the compulsory advanced welsh baccalaureate

  21. Get rid of Welsh baccalaureate as a compulsory subject.

  22. Pay teachers to mark exam papers ( GCSE & A level ) for the summer 2022 exam series

  23. Free school meals to all children in Wales

  24. Allow parents to watch their child's class based Christmas performance in person.

  25. Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19

  26. Fully re-open respite services for adults with learning disabilities.

  27. Ban the use of Loud Fireworks, only allow quiet ones.

  28. Prevent Newport schools from discontinuing after school activities/sports.

  29. New legislation is needed to regulate the use of e-scooters in Wales

  30. Ensure Ty Canna Day services at 40 Market road CF5 1RZ remains in it's present location

  31. Introduce customer service training for all staff at Cardiff’s Public Licensing Carriage Office.

  32. Remove 10 day isolation for uk citizens, non vaccinated returning to the uk. Illegal segregation

  33. Provide Adult ADHD and Autism Diagnostic Assessments in Wales.

  34. Make Welsh international rugby matches Category A status under the 1996 Broadcasting Act.

  35. Make St David’s day a Bank holiday!

  36. Make the Senedd take on the Universal Credit top-up and make it permanent

  37. For the Senedd to have a vote on the abolition of COVID passes.

  38. A Re-run of the Vote on Vaccine Passports in Wales.

  39. Demand a re-vote on covid vaccine certification in Wales

  40. Review the unjustified decision for implementing a mandatory HEALTH PASS in Wales

  41. The Senedd must redo the vote on the introduction of Vaccine passports in Wales.

  42. Stop the use of vaccine passports in Wales.

  43. Defend Welsh interests and international law. Stop the MMO using our Estuary as a dumping ground.

  44. Stop the use of vaccine passports. It is an authoritarian policy and a civil liberty issue.

  45. Stop the Welsh Baccalaureate A-level form being compulsory in Welsh 6th form colleges

  46. Cymrwch gamau yn GIG Cymru i wella diogelwch menywod i’r gweithle, o’r gweithle ac yn y gweithle.

  47. Aggressively prosscecute & JAIL Female Genital Mutilators the parents, Butcher's & any accomplices.

  48. Ban the sale, use and manufacture of glue traps in Wales

  49. Stop welsh bacc from being mandatory in schools and colleges.

  50. Care companies contracts to be reviewed so vulnerable people not left with no care

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