Rhestrau eraill o ddeisebau

Deisebau a wrthodwyd

Nid oedd y deisebau hyn yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau. Fe’u cyhoeddir yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi.

Gallwch weld deisebau a wrthodwyd cyn mis Mai 2020 yma.

350 deiseb

  1. Reverse Mark Drakeford’s policy of holding back administering life saving vaccines.

  2. Ask Mr Drakeford and the Health Minister to resign.

  3. Review Covid Vaccination Programme

  4. Vaccinate the people in Wales as fast as possible: stop the ludicrous “go slow” policy.

  5. To ensure that students are eligible for the funeral expenses payment

  6. Gwrthwynebwn doriadau i Lyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru Stop the cuts to the National Library of Wales

  7. Cancel externally set “assessments” in 2021 for GCSE’s in favour of using teacher assessed grades.

  8. Dylid sicrhau bod myfyrwyr nyrsio yn cael eu talu am leoliadau clinigol yn ystod pandemig COVID-19

  9. Prioritize front line retail shop assistants for the Covid 19 vaccine.

  10. Release the body cam footage for the arrest of Mohamud Hussan and the CCTV footage from the station

  11. Extend Land Transaction Tax a further 6 months past 31st March and increase the threshold to £350k

  12. Reduce tuition fees for University Students in Wales

  13. Wale deliver Vaccine quickly

  14. Allow wales to fish off boats for exercise and depression

  15. Apply teacher predicted grades instead of the proposed assessments to determine GCSE grades.

  16. Introduce the Green Homes Grant voucher towards cost of energy efficient improvements to your home

  17. Shorten the school summer holidays from 6 weeks and increase the length of half terms

  18. We want the Welsh Fa to open a debate about playing summer football to improve football and health.

  19. Prioritize school children and teachers access to the vaccine in order for school to continue

  20. Allow A level students to return to schools and recieve face to face learning

  21. Prioritize Police Officers for the COVID vaccine

  22. Cancel externally set ‘assessments’ in 2021 for AS and A levels and only use teacher assessed grades

  23. Re-open gyms in lockdown for mental and physical well being. Extremely important!

  24. Change Welsh A-Level and GCSE’s to predicted grades

  25. Ban the cancellation of the May elections

  26. To vaccinate all Teachers, support workers, school transport staff prior to Welsh schools reopening.

  27. Cancel all GCSE, BTEC and A-level Exams for 2021 - Use teacher assessed grades to determine results.

  28. Offer all supermarket workers the covid 19 injection


  30. All schools in Wales should offer Online Zoom Style education, not just send home work.

  31. Re-start the academic year for all welsh primary and secondary school pupils

  32. Reopen gyms in Wales

  33. Cancel summer exams for all students in wales

  34. Close colleges and give students Centre Assessed Grades

  35. Restore Wales' participation in the Erasmus programme

  36. Expunge all minor drug possession arrest records, these are victimless crimes.

  37. Ban the sale and use of fireworks other than for formal and professional events.

  38. Allow gyms to remain open in tier 4 lockdown in Wales.

  39. Keep gyms open during Tier 4 restrictions in Wales.

  40. Keep indoor gyms in Wales open during lockdown

  41. Amend the bylaw in Cardiff prohibiting skateboarding in public areas

  42. Reconsider the current Assessment System for GCSE and A-Level for 2021 and 2022

  43. Allow Welsh citizens in level four to exercise outdoors with one other person as in England

  44. Schools should remain closed during this pandemic.

  45. Reduce the amount of disposable single use plastics in Wales.

  46. Allow all sport for U18 to continue within Tier 4

  47. Allow exercise not having to begin and end at home and other forms of exercise for example golf.

  48. Keep golf courses in Wales open under Level 4

  49. For the health and wellbeing the Welsh Government should reconsider the closure of golf courses.

  50. Follow the example in England and allow golf to be played during Tier 4 restrictions.

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