Rhestrau eraill o ddeisebau

Deisebau a wrthodwyd

Nid oedd y deisebau hyn yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau. Fe’u cyhoeddir yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi.

Gallwch weld deisebau a wrthodwyd cyn mis Mai 2020 yma.

548 deiseb

  1. Introduce a recall procedure for underperforming AMs as we have for MPs, incorporating by elections.

  2. introduction of legislation that is against the good interests of Wales, it’s economy and people.

  3. call for an extraordinary general election for senedd members

  4. Stop fireworks making bangs.

  5. Vote for no confidence in the Welsh parliament and all politicians.

  6. Stop the large amount of Cardiff waste being dumped into the waste tip adjacent to Spittal.

  7. Stop the revaluation of welsh homes for council tax purposes.

  8. get senedd members on public transport

  9. remove Drakeford from his position as first minister for the breaking of the ministerial code.

  10. Reinstate sandwiches as a daily option in schools

  11. Prohibit the use of loud fireworks in Wales.

  12. Statement of No Confidence in Mark Drakeford and Welsh Labour

  13. Create mental health hubs in every health board and within local authority education departments

  14. Call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Gaza

  15. first minister party members in power repay welsh tax payers money squandered out of their salary

  16. Oppose the WHO's Pandemic Preparedness Treaty.

  17. To rethink single use plastic bottles in Cardiff primary schools.

  18. Stop the cuts to essential bus routes in Swansea. Invest and improve public transport in the city.

  19. hold a public referendum on whether mark drakeford should still be the welsh labour leader

  20. Keep developing Duolingo for Welsh learners

  21. Allow the people of Wales to hold a Devolution Referendum

  22. Petition welsh public to vote on Westminster putting the welsh government into special measures

  23. Public vote of no confidence in labour and plaid assembly ministers

  24. Safeguard the future of Denbighire’s libraries by ringfencing existing service levels and budgets

  25. allow all welsh people to learn welsh for free

  26. Allow the people of North East Wales a devolution referendum.

  27. Stop the 500 single male refugees from being housed in Star Hwb in Splott

  28. Call an Early Welsh Parliament Election.

  29. Senedd Reform Bill to be delayed until a recall system for AM/MS is incorporated into the Bill.

  30. Hold a referendum to decide if the number of Welsh Assembly Members should be increased.

  31. Rescind the 20mph limit on Bedwas House Industrial Estate

  32. Ban all 20 mph zones in wales

  33. Recall of AMs similar to The Recall of MPs Act 2015 at Westminster

  34. Force sam smiths brewery to repoen the sir gawain and green knight in connahs quay

  35. Make Ynys Môn the sole name dropping the name of Anglesey so the island only has one official name.

  36. Return all A and B roads to their pre 17th September 2023 speed limits.

  37. 20mph zone referendum in wales.

  38. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public.

  39. Notify UK government a wish to hold a referendum on returning to UK parliament.

  40. Call on the UK government to return £5bn of Welsh taxpayers’ money being spent on HS2

  41. The Welsh government must make a commitment that they will not implement any road charging schemes.

  42. Call on the labour government to resign.

  43. Restart the Stagecoach old {139} 121 service to return to the side streets of Cwmparc.

  44. Bring an early Welsh election

  45. DWP / Capita discrimination

  46. Call an early election

  47. Widen Cefn Porth Road and Maes Y Bryn road which leads to the M4 junction 30

  48. Come clean about your Manifesto promises Welsh Labour - WHERE'S THE M4 RELIEF ROAD?

  49. We the Welsh public want a vote of no confidence in Lee Waters.

  50. Welsh parliament to rescind the 20mph speed limit with the exception of proximity to schools

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