Bydd Etholiad y Senedd yn cael ei gynnal ar 6 Mai 2021.

Mae’r broses ddeisebau wedi cau dros dro yn ystod ymgyrch yr etholiad. Bydd deisebau’n ailagor ar ôl yr etholiad.

Mae’r Pwyllgor Deisebau wedi cwrdd am y tro olaf, a bydd deisebau’n cael eu trafod gan bwyllgor newydd pan fydd wedi cael ei sefydlu.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth am Etholiad y Senedd 2021 i’w chael yn

Cofrestrwch i bleidleisio

Rhestrau eraill o ddeisebau

Deisebau a wrthodwyd

Nid oedd y deisebau hyn yn bodloni’r safonau ar gyfer deisebau. Fe’u cyhoeddir yn yr iaith y cawsant eu cyflwyno ynddi.

Gallwch weld deisebau a wrthodwyd cyn mis Mai 2020 yma.

435 deiseb

  1. The recreational use of marijuana to become legal and senedd to actually bring this up with boris j

  2. Re-Open Gyms, Pools and Leisure Centres for individual use from April 12th.

  3. Open up outdoor sports for adults before May.

  4. Open the Gyms and Leisure Centres before the delayed date 10th May.


  6. Give Welsh business the restart grants in line with England and Scotland.

  7. Fly the Welsh flag on all government buildings every day.

  8. Give nurses in nursing homes an emergency pay raise because of COVID 19

  9. Carmarthenshire County Council to plant trees and to look at all possible areas for new trees

  10. Allow exams being taken to be open book

  11. Allow political canvassing in the Welsh Elections

  12. Make Sirhowy Valley an area of historical importance due to the 1935 "stay down" miners strike.

  13. Let sports fans back into sports venues in Wales at all levels.

  14. Help get senior athletes back on the track

  15. Indefinitely withhold support for the expansion of the UK's nuclear weapons arsenal.

  16. Make St David's Day a Welsh Bank Holiday in Wales Only

  17. Notify all 18 year olds who have been under Social Care the right to disclosure

  18. Improve safety measures at Llandaff fields by increasing lighting and CCTV provision

  19. Make St David's Day a Welsh Bank Holiday like Scotland does for St Andrew.

  20. ban all covid restrictions now

  21. Agorwch dai tafarn ar gyfer gêm Cymru yn erbyn Ffrainc am Gamp Lawn 2021

  22. Allow Gyms and Leisure Centres to reopen on the 12th of April like England. (Scotland end of April.)

  23. Prevent Torfaen County Borough Council from allowing any more green belt developments.

  24. Campaign to return the Mold Gold Cape to Wales.

  25. Gadewch i bobl ymweld â’u teuluoedd/ffrindiau yn yr awyr agored cyn gynted â phosibl a chyn i siopau diangenrhaid ailagor

  26. Cancel statutory tests for all primary school children in the academic year 2020-21

  27. Stop the proposed closure of Ysgol Blaenau.

  28. Lift campaign restrictions so the Welsh elections can be fought fairly

  29. Restore access from Dolgarrog to its train station by reopening the bridge to pedestrians

  30. Open all shops and hospitality INSIST UK government give us 1.5 million doses ofvaccine immediately

  31. Help for first time buyers to purchase previously owned homes

  32. Improve the living conditions of the inmates in HMP Berwyn Wrexham during the COVID-19 pandemic

  33. Call in the planning application for Penrhos Nature Reserve, Holyhead,Anglesey

  34. Reopen the fitness industry in March to help combat physical & mental health problems

  35. Stop covid testing at Gilfach Goch Community Centre

  36. Set a date for gyms and fitness to resume within a reasonable time, along with non-essential shops

  37. Offer COVID vaccine to all teaching staff now that children are starting to return to school.

  38. Follow the English government with recent Covid roadmaps and work as a United Kingdom

  39. Send all children back to school before opening anything else - as you promised

  40. Set up more motocross tracks in south wales

  41. Legalize cannabis in Wales with a structured business framework.

  42. Hold PUBLIC ENQUIRY regarding planning at Penrhos Nature Reserve/Park on Anglesey

  43. Allow outdoor sports courts, golf courses and enclosed pitches to open for non-contact sports

  44. Re-open Gyms & Swimming Pools in Wales

  45. Ôl-ddyddiwch daliad hunanynysu ar gyfer hysbysiadau drwy ap COVID-19 y GIG yn unol â llywodraeth Lloegr

  46. Increase support for non essential business closed due to Covid reflecting other Uk devolved Nations

  47. Request the return of the Bluestones taken from Welsh sites to embellish Stonehenge

  48. Prevent the sale of green land at Thistle Court in Ty Canol to a private developer

  49. Return of the stones of Stonehenge to its original location in the Preseli, Pembrokeshire

  50. Scrap the 10pm curfew when hospitality can open

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